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Adox Adotech CMS III Film Developer - 100 ml


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The Adox Adotech CMS III Film Developer is a special developer for processing CMS 20 films.

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It enhances highlight differentiation and straightens the curve of CMS film. Also it helps to avoids streaking the negative making it the perfect choice for CMS. If developed in Adotech, you can expose Adox CMS film between ISO 12 and 20 to get images with perfect halftones. Working solution can be kept for up to four weeks now. Refilling with water after partial withdrawals is no longer necessary.


  • Film developer recommended for Adox CMS III films
  • 100 ml to process four rolls of 35mm film - or equivalent
  • Dilution 1:9 to make 1000 ml of working solution

Note: This developer is for use with the CMS 20 Type II films or films having the description "For pictorial use in combination with ADOTECH II developer" printed on them. This developer is not for use with the old version of Adox CMS 20 film.

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