Ilford Harman Direct Positive Fiber Based Paper (Glossy, 4 x 5", 25 Sheets)


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This is a 25-sheet box of 4 x 5" Direct Positive Fiber Based (FB) Paper from Harman. It is a fun paper that can be used for many purposes. For the pinhole enthusiast, this paper is the answer to achieving a finished, positive print without the need of a traditional negative or inter-negative

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This paper can also be used in large format photography or even when cut into small sheets for LOMO-type cameras.

As a creative tool, Direct Positive Paper can be used in the creation of interesting photograms of everyday items. Just cut it up into whatever size you need and you're ready to make an exposure. Finally, you can also use this paper as a traditional printing paper using a negative.

Multiple use paper for everything from pinhole to large format and LOMO photography
Does not require the need for a negative
Fully compatible with conventional black and white paper processing chemistry
Available in a glossy surface (comparable to Ilford Multigrade IV RC Glossy) and a Luster surface (comparable to Ilford Multigrade IV RC Pearl)
Fixed grade, high contrast paper (similar to Ilford Multigrade grade 3.5 - 4), but still capable of generating good tonal gradations when 'pre-flashed' during exposure stages

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